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Best Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

WordPress plugins are a crucial part of the WordPress ecosystem. They are essential for creating functional WordPress sites using this platform. Plugins are actually an upgrade of WordPress that will give it a new feature and make it easier and save you time. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and are easy to integrate with WordPress. This allows you to create a website for any purpose. Plugins have made WordPress the most popular platform for designing sites.

If you have already decided to run your website, we will present you with a couple of plugins to make things easier. Of course, with ease and time savings, these plugins guarantee high quality. Let’s see what these plugins are.

WP Maintenance

Running a website is not easy, especially in the maintenance segment. Periods, when the site is down due to maintenance, are not uncommon. However, there is a plugin that will solve your problem – WP Maintenance. Currently one of the best maintenance plugins on the market, it shows that, by adding maintenance mode, maintenance does not have to be a nightmare. It offers many options and features, such as setting up a temporary authorization page, customizing the look of all devices, and troubleshooting functionality. It solves all problems with SSL and HTTPS, and you can set the background, text, color, or logo. Best of all, it’s not complicated to use.

Key features:

  • retina ready HTML/CSS layout
  • Full-screen background (Backstretch)
  • Blur background effect
  • Upload your own logo
  • Configurable colors: fonts, icons, background
  • Customize title, headline, text
  • User login on the frontend
  • Admin bar status
  • 503 error on/off
  • Google analytics support
  • Exclude selected pages from the Maintenance mode
  • Support for all popular caching plugins
  • mtnc_load_maintenance_page_for_this_user filter for modifying show sees the maintenance page


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It often happens that a website has content that needs to be worked on or improved. Then the website is not available. It is up to you to show visitors the most beautiful content which will attract them to come back when the website is active. The ideal solution is UnderConstructionPage which will further save your time. It offers you a large selection of different, beautiful templates that are updated weekly.

Key features:

  • drag&drop builder
  • 300+ Page Templates
  • Coming Soon and maintenance pages for all niches
  • Millions of Premium Images
  • Affiliate and Traffic Tracking
  • Fast and Friendly Support

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

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This is a plugin that we could say 2in1. We have already explained the Maintenance Mode. You just need to activate it. Coming Soon is a plugin that will allow you to have a top, quality and beautifully designed Coming Soon page. Such pages are a crucial thing if you are launching a new website. Quality Soon sites can attract a large number of potential customers. You must invest effort, goodwill, and creativity to make your Soon page look perfect. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Key features:

  • create and manage as many licenses as you need
  • create keyless licenses that are domain activated and do not require a license key for activation
  • enable per-license features configuration such as the white-label option, extra templates & expiry date
  • see a detailed list of sites using your licenses
  • disable sites and licenses as needed
  • this will not cost you anything extra – the License Manager comes as a part of the Agency license


Relief is always welcome, and time savings are always desirable. This is actually what these plugins offer you, along with top-quality content. So you have nothing to think about, go on an adventure. Each of these plugins holds a reputation and provides superior service. This can be confirmed by thousands of satisfied users. Be one of them.

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