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Here Are the Happiest Cities to Live in Virginia

Virginia is often referred to as a state that’s for lovers, but it’s so much more than that. From the incredible industries that thrive here to the fantastic nature and wildlife, you’ll find something inspiring the moment you land in this beautiful state.

What are the happiest cities, though? Everyone wants to live somewhere that will make them happy, and no review is better than that of the current residents!

Why Are Virginians so Happy?

Many assume Virginians are happy because of how affordable it is and how much nature surrounds every single home and city. Here you get everything from mountains to oceanside views and so much more. Although Virginia can be pricey in some areas, the fun southern feel and the incredible economy are enough to keep anyone happy.  

There‚Äôs a huge push for work and life balance here that anyone could get behind!  

1. Bridgewater

Bridgewater has been rated the happiest place in Virginia because of its low population density, multiple parks and entertainment venues, and countless companies that boost the economy into something incredible. This is a fantastic place to live if you’re starting a family and you want to try something new and exciting.  

2. Arlington

Although Arlington real estate may be more expensive than others on this list, it’s absolutely worth the price! Arlington is close enough to the nation’s capital that it houses endless attractions and monuments, is home to multiple museums and art galleries, and offers businesses and restaurants you can’t find anywhere else.

This unique yet fun stop is a beautiful place to live and a fantastic area to work in.

3. Norton

If you envy small-town living, it’s time to grab yourself a slice of paradise and move to Norton! This tiny town hosts countless festivals and events, offers a laid-back lifestyle,s and is more affordable than most of the state.  

Living here in the summer can feel like going to summer camp as a kid, and it makes the entire city feel like paradise.

Is it Worth Moving Here?

Moving for happiness is a worthwhile life choice that anyone should consider! Modern life is stressful and exhausting and leaves people feeling used and ignored by the systems that are supposed to support them. Virginia gives you a chance to live somewhere that’s emotionally rewarding while also encouraging you to become your best self and build a career that makes you happy: there’s nothing better.

It’s important to remember that it is pricey, though. Before you move out here, remember to save a few months of expenses to make it easier on you, and try to line up a job before you move as well. This will take a lot of the stress off of your shoulders in no time. 

Virginia is a Paradise!

Virginia is a dream come true for anyone who wants to live somewhere that brings happiness and joy to those who live there. If you’re ready for a positive change in your life, it’s time to consider a move to this great state! 

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Here Are the Happiest Cities to Live in Virginia

Virginia is often referred to as a state that's for lovers, but it's so much more than that. From the incredible industries...

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