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How to Buy Flowers That Are Suitable For The Occasion?

God has granted us life, which is a reason in itself for celebration. Life may be full of ups and downs, but it also has many opportunities for rejoicing. People tend to remember joyous occasions in life and this is the reason we have anniversaries and birthdays. We also have so many events and days to celebrate such as weddings, Christmas, Independence Day, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, and so on. Any such occasion is incomplete without the use of blooms, whether we send roses or other flower types to give and receive or use them for designing. It is difficult to even think of any auspicious occasion without fresh blooms.

We carry flowers with us on every occasion. People buy flowers to present them to others to express their myriad feelings. Whether as a gesture of friendship or goodwill, flowers do the job entrusted to them perfectly. They are so beautiful that it is difficult to find a person on this planet who doesn’t love them for their beauty and innocence. It may be common to give and receive flowers on every occasion, but how do you decide which color is appropriate for an occasion.

Though speaking literally, you can give any flower on any occasion, colors of flowers express different feelings and on different occasions, one must choose appropriately so that the sentiments of others are not hurt in any way. Let us analyze some important days and occasions and see which flowers are considered appropriate for them.

Mother’s Day

It is an important day that falls every year and all of us go to the local and online florist and send flowers online in Delhi for our mothers to express our love and gratitude. Carnation flowers are the flowers that are traditionally given to mothers and the colors chosen for the purpose are red, pink, and white. People also give spring flowers to mothers. However, pink carnation is considered to be perfect and they have come to represent your mother’s love for you. But if your mother loves any particular flowers, you are free to buy those fresh flowers and give them to her.

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, but it is also for anyone to show his love for anyone he likes. Red is the color of love and passion and thus it is the red road which is the top choice of people who order online flower delivery with fresh flowers of red color to give them to their partners. Some people prefer forget-me-not flowers gifts to their girlfriends as these flowers express feelings of delicacy. Some even give tulips as it shows that they are perfect lovers. Daisies and Lilies are other romantic flowers that lovers prefer on this day.


Give them a container that they can reuse. A popcorn bowl is a container that will be used often. Another good idea is to select a container that relates to why they are being congratulated. If they have a new home, a laundry basket full of house supplies is always a welcomed gift.


The death of a loved one is a very hard and sometimes awkward time. Flowers are often sent to the dear ones to provide some color and cheer in a sad situation. It is recommended that condolences should be sent instead of flowers if the death was sudden.

Get Well

Cool colors, greens, and blues are recommended colors for someone who is not feeling well. You can add items such as a book from their favorite author or magazines to pass the time. Try to get the correct information about where your loved one is, and what room they are staying in if they are in a hospital so that the local florist will know where to send the flowers and gifts.

Thank You

Make sure you spend the time to say something extra special. Pick a simple arrangement, may that contains wildflowers, so they look like you picked them from a field.


Birthdays are occasions of happiness and joy. Picking flowers that signify energy and exuberance is good on these days.
Thus you can see that for various occasions, there are different flowers and different colors of these flowers which are considered to be appropriate. However, the most important thing is your feelings and they are there, irrespective of the type of flower you choose.

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