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How To Craft a Meaningful Thanksgiving Wish in a Greeting Card

What better way to share your spirit of thankfulness and gratitude with others than by sending out Thanksgiving greeting cards? You don’t have to wait until the Christmas season to connect with friends and family who are dear to your heart. Use Thanksgiving as a time to send words of inspiration, appreciate and affection to those who are a part of your life. Whether its coworkers, old college friends, distant relatives or your close circle of friends and family, here’s how to send a meaningful Thanksgiving wish.

Start With a New Perspective

Even with all of the changes you’ve faced over the past few months or year, there is a lot that you can still be grateful for. Perhaps the best gift you’ve received or one that you can share with someone else is a new perspective on things that are often taken for granted. Good health, close family, sweet memories, employment, a home and so much are excellent places to start when expressing gratitude. In addition to remembering these blessings in your own life, use them as wish for others. You could customize your Thanksgiving greeting cards with phrases similar to the following:

Reflecting on the strength of our relationship and the joy you have brought to our family. Sending your warmth and peace and hoping for more good times together in the future.

We are thankful this year for our health, our home and great friends like you! Sending your wishes for a joyous holiday season and the same blessings we`ve received this year.

Bridge Any Challenges To a Warm Celebration

Your wish for health and happiness may have good intentions, but there may be challenges to overcome in ensuring your message is received correctly. If you haven`t seen someone for several months, you don`t want to randomly re-appear in their lives with a impersonal card. If your friends or family member has had a tough year, you wouldn`t want to flaunt your blessings without being sensitive to their emotional, mental or phsycial state. You could try the following when wording your greeting cards:

During this season of thankfulness, we fondly think of the times we`ve spent together and the memories we`ve made. Sending you wishes for a heart that is full of happy reflections this Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, we are looking back at all of the joyous moments we`ve had and the challenges we`ve braved together. Sending you hope for a blessed future and the health and prosperity to enjoy it!

Let the Emotions Show

Your wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving should come from the heart, and it is okay to let your emotions show in your special message. Wording a greeting card doesn`t need to be over-the-top or elaborate. Let it be a personal reflection of your sincere desires for the health, happiness, peace, or longevity of your friends or family members.

Give Cards for Causes the Job

To send out high-quality Thanksgiving greeting cards that are sure to get your holiday wishes across with elegance and clarity, shop the selection at Cards for Causes. Ordering in bulk is quick and easy, and the option to customize your message ensures that your friends and family hear from your heart.

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