Basic Pre-Requisites of the Battery

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  • The basic prerequisite is the predominantly strong and cycle-resistant start-stop battery.
  • Start-stop systems place developed demands on the car battery. Therefore, more influence and higher cycle permanency are mandatory. When the vehicle is motionless, the battery must deliver the energy for the augmented number of engines starts and for the electrical loads in the car.
  • These batteries are the most developed form of the battery and are selling in the whole world and their demand is increasing day by day in all the countries because of their greater efficacy and brilliant feedback given by the customers. The company is intended to make more batteries like this with enhanced features.
  • This technology was explicitly developed for vehicles with the maximum energy requirements, brake energy retrieval which are equipped with a start-stop system.
  • EFB technology is used in vehicles with high energy requirements and simpler start-stop systems.
  • In cars with an automatic start-stop system, the battery is subjected to greater demands. One of the reasons is the high charge amount. In accumulation, there are a large number of electrical consumers such as steering wheel heating, air training system and safety functions, which have to be reliably supplied with power even while to come at traffic lights with the engine immobile.
  •  The only batteries which can endure the tests of automatic start-stop systems are EFB batteries and AGM batteries.

 Enterprises of the Battery

The enterprise of EFB batteries is a further development of conventional lead-acid batteries. A Polylines material on the surface of the positive plate helps to steady the active material of the plates and extend the life of the battery. The centrifuges in the cells of EFB batteries have a low resistance and optimize the charging process. EFB batteries have good cycle constancy and load capacity. According to the EN test they can withstand double as many charging cycles compared to conservative starter batteries.

Recuperation with AGM batteries

Every braking phase is actually a waste of energy. With braking energy recovery (recuperation) the energy which results from decelerating is not completely lost. Contingent on driving conditions, part of the energy which is recovered from the braking process is fed into the battery of the vehicle. The prerequisite for this is a battery which is appropriate for recuperation: AGM batteries deliver this technology

The involuntary start-stop systems

Because of this, batteries for involuntary start-stop systems are exposed to various states of care within a short time. Release when starting the engine and accusing by the alternator and recuperation cause significantly greater loads, which over long ages can only be reliably withstood by an AGM battery.

In combination with the vehicle’s energy management system, AGM batteries ensure a reliable and constant supply are EFB batteries deep cycle?

The enhanced flooded batteries

Therefore, enhanced flooded batteries (EFBs) have been developed with deep cycle life below the AGM battery values but similar shallow cycling performance and durability and at distinctly lower cost, only 20–40% above their conventional flooded counterparts. f the electrical consumers in the vehicle, while also ensuring optimum efficiency.