Marketing is More Than Advertising: Today, it is Sales

The TAYA Reality: They Ask, You Answer

There’s a recent book written by a man who learned how to be successful in marketing through rolling up his sleeves and learning how things work. It’s called They Ask, You Answer (TAYA). It’s a basic philosophy. The idea is, people who need information will ask questions, and if you answer them in a true, neutral, informative way, that will drive them to convert to your products or services.

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The principle works, and it’s one that’s been known in sales and marketing for decades; though seldom leaned into. Basically, you want to inform a customer so that they can make an intuitive decision. TAYA principles agree. That said, some questions aren’t asked publicly. You have to anticipate them and produce content accordingly.

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Proper content drives traffic, and increased traffic drives sales conversion. Now that’s the same for every industry, but healthcare is a bit different. Imagine if you didn’t drive a car to a mechanic, imagine if you were the car. That’s kind of what healthcare is like. Your “mechanic” is your doctor. Like mechanics, some doctors are better than others.

As a healthcare business, you need to understand that many of your prospective patients will be skeptical. Using TAYA principles helps ease their minds by establishing trust. Consider the following tactics for such outcomes.

1. Informing Marketing Outreach Through Data

Here’s a link that has information on why it’s important to use data as a major driving force behind any marketing outreach strategy. Data reveals who your market is, what market share you can expect to capture with proper marketing, and what sort of budget those prospective patients are working with. Additionally, you can find what really works, and what doesn’t.

2. Exploring Varying Best Practices in SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, uses the categorization features of algorithms to help encourage visibility. Now that said, not all businesses have clientele who will respond the same to SEO.

With medicine especially, people tend to be more diligent about reading associated content. They’re looking for information, not the nearest “store”. Follow this link to explore some worthwhile medical SEO tips that will fit your particular healthcare business.

3. Specific Healthcare Niche Outreach

Next, you want to specify the sort of marketing outreach you explore. This will usually mean working with professionals who specialize in your niche industry. For example, if you needed to put together a marketing campaign for plastic surgeon needs, you’d want marketers who are experienced in cosmetic surgery options.

Successfully Optimizing Healthcare Profits

Specific healthcare niche outreach is important, as is utilizing SEO that is peppered through content optimized for healthcare outreach. Additionally, you want to be sure any marketing you do is built on a solid foundation of data. Follow these steps and you’ll likely see an increase in the amount of online traffic and client conversions your clinic is able to achieve.