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Get Ready for Cat Musk’s Pre-Sale!

Do you find cryptocurrency payment integration and experience complicated? You are not alone! Many newbies in the world of cryptocurrency often find it difficult to make exchanges and payments. Although trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, and the other more famous coins brings a heap of benefits to investors, most people back out at the initial stage of crypto exchange and payments.

Previous Projects

CatMusk is a small, yet dedicated team focused on creating a smooth and flawless payment integration and cryptocurrency experience. They have successfully created the CatMusk Token in the beginning of June 2021. Made on BSC, this token is a DeFi Crypto Currency that is designed to create a self-regenerating automatic liquidity. Therefore, traders are given a way of paying out static rewards to holders while penalizing sellers, including the three simple functions that occur during each trade: Reflection, Burn, and LP Acquisition.

Projects Under Progress


The team is currently engrossed in developing the CatMusk application which allows investors to not only send money, but also receive it regardless of where they are, and where the sender is. Several cryptocurrencies can be traded through this mobile application such as USDT and BNB and CatMusk. The app aims to allow investors to perform all types of transactions that they can make in the crypto area.

Their dedicated team is also working on CatMusk API, a new method that allows one to deal with money. The CatMusk API is a Credit/Debit Card payment API that can also be used for the trade of CATMUSK Token, Ethereum. The application is developed for the purpose of providing users with the capability of the integration of several coin payments in their service without making too many efforts.

Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Pre-Sale

Their CatMusk token has almost successfully completed the final stages of development and is set to hit the market on 10th June. The token is beneficial for not just individuals but also for businesses. How? The CatMusk token allows customers to pay with their local card. It makes payments much more straightforward and seamless for customers since they can now make payments using their preferred regional, local, or international credit cards.

Whether they are making a payment through VISA, Mada, Sadad, American Express, Benefit, or MasterCard, our charge API allows you to receive payments for all of your listed products or services, making it an extremely beneficial and functional API for businesses.

The best part is, we care the most about reducing risks and ensuring safe transactions for our clients. Therefore, we provide our clients with the complete safeguarding tools that allow you to process risk-free transactions. In addition to this, any payments that exceed the set risk levels are prevented. Our team is more than happy to send over a specialized group of individuals that can help you safeguard yourself from cyber payment fraud.

We make sure your payments are never lost through our dedicated and vertically integrated infrastructure. Get in touch with us for any assistance with issues that might arise.



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